Transforming construction through robotic automation — every stage and every process.
Transforming construction through robotic automation — every stage and every process.
Embracing robotic automation to transform $8T dollar industry
NeXtera Robotics is Innovating construction through robotics and automation solutions - every stage and every process. We are challenging the entire 8trln dollar industry. All the aspects will be changed. We are on a journey to completely eliminate low productivity, extensive waste, damage to nature.
NeXt era of construction is here: automated, modular, software-defined processes, high quality, flash speed
NeXtera Solutions
Manufacturing top-quality building components using high end robotics: on-site, off-site, 24/7/365
Software-driven robotic automation
RCML - an operating system for industrial robots - is at the core of every NeXtera solution. It combines most progressive robot control techniques with advanced sensors and real-time data processing. It allows to program any robot on the market without a single line of code, cuts robotic solution integration time up to 10 times. The software helps to bring vision of NeXtera Robotics to reality. Originally developed by NeXtera team, it is now available as a stand-alone product called RCML (Robot Control Meta Language) to engineering teams from all industries - visit for details.
Smart and Adaptive Collaboration Between Machines
Real-time motion control and collision avoidance
Advanced Perception - 3D Vision, Sensors
Direct Compatibility with popular BIM software
NeXtera Robotics core:
Creativity, Collaboration, Transparency, Responsibility
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